Canadian Workplace English

Fluency Bridge Canadian Workplace English is for learners who want to develop English skills for their work, social and travel needs. While the focus is on business related topics for developing fluency in workplace communication, it is assumed that learners also need general English skills in order to communicate effectively in the workplace. Reading, listening, writing, grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary building exercises are all used in support of increasing fluency in speaking. Fluency Bridge Workplace English is made to suit the work/life needs of  busy working adults.

Intermediate Workplace English

Do you lack the confidence to communicate in English comfortably at work and in social situations? Fluency Bridge Intermediate Workplace English will help you:

  • open, maintain and close a conversation in a professional manner
  • provide information in a professional manner
  • write short, concise emails
  • give instructions and directions for technical and nontechnical tasks, procedures and processes
  • extend, accept or decline an invitation
  • present solutions and options

Advanced Workplace English

Have you ‘plateaued’ at Intermediate level and still feel limited in your career options by language barriers? Fluency Bridge Advanced Workplace English gives you the skill set you need to push your communication skills over the top. From training, evaluating and interviewing skills to improvising in meetings, Fluency Bridge’s Advanced Workplace English will  help you become the most effective communicator you can be to grow your career.

Tailor your schedule from 44 Lessons in:

  • Managing people and projects
  • Meetings and presentations
  • Working internationally
  • Business correspondence
  • Socializing

 Canadian Workplace Writing

Even people who have lived in Canada for many years and can speak English very well often struggle with writing. Fluency Bridge Workplace Writing gives you the writing skills you need for today’s changing workplace. Get focused practice and guided feedback from  your Personal Writing Coach in:

  • business reports and proposals
  • complaints, claims and adjustments
  • sales and public relations
  • social business correspondence
  • employment and in-house correspondence


Photo By: BJ Clayden Photography