How It Works

Step 1:

Book your free, no obligation consultation by phoning Kevin at 604-723-7189 or email

During the consultation, I will discuss your language goals and needs with you. Based on your consultation, I will recommend a Fluency Bridge program or courses suited to your needs.

Step 2:

Choose the Fluency Bridge courses or program suited to your needs. You may choose to concentrate on Canadian Social English, Canadian Workplace English, test preparation, or a combination of each to suit your interests and language goals.

Step 3:

Select the hours/days to suit your schedule or choose one of the following programs:

Fluency Bridge 1: Port Mann

Port Mann includes two one hour lessons a week. At this pace one level can be completed in 12 weeks. (3 months)

Fluency Bridge 2: 2nd Narrows

2nd Narrows includes two 2 hour sessions a week, or four one hour sessions. At this pace one level can be completed in 6 weeks. (1 1/2 months)

Fluency Bridge 3: Lion’s Gate

Choose 3 days/times that are convenient for you. Lion’s Gate includes 3 two hour lessons a week. (ex. Mon Wed Fri or Tues Thurs Sat) At this pace one level can be completed in 4 weeks. (1 month)

Step 4:

Meet for your lessons and begin building your fluency in English! 🙂


Base rate for 1 on 1 lessons: $45/hr.

Group rates: Add $10/hr for each additional student to a maximum of 6 students.

(Example: 2 students = $55/hr. , 3 students = $65/hr. etc.)

Program Rates

Port Mann: 24 hours x $45/hr. = $1080

2nd Narrows: 24 hours x $45/hr = $1080

Lion’s Gate: 24 hours x $45/hr = $1080





For your free consultation phone 604-723-7189 or email

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